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Slang for Poker Hands: Nicknames for Hold'em Hole Cards 26 Mar 2019 ... Learn the slang for poker hands so when you hear these nicknames while playing Texas Hold'em, you'll know what everyone is talking about. ... A-K – Big Slick, “Walking back to Houston”, Anna Kournikova. A-J – Ajax. K-K – ...

One of the things that make it so entertaining is the unique vocabulary developed by its players to describe the 'high' poker hand rankings the game uses. Anna Kournikova: Because "Texas Texas hold 'em starting hands - Wikipedia A pair of aces is the best pre-flop hand in Texas Hold'em Poker In the poker game of Texas hold 'em , a starting hand consists of two hole cards , which belong solely to the player and remain hidden from the other players. #1 Poker Hand Rankings Chart (2019) - Official Hold'em Hands This hand is often nicknamed 'Anna Kournikova' by recreational players - it's pretty to look at, but doesn't win as much as you think it should. The best hand in Texas Hold’em is a Royal

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May 15, 2018 · Anna Kournikova a tennis player and also a poker hand. Firstly this of course a very pretty tennis player from russia. In Texas Hold em Poker, Anna Kournikova refers to the starting hand AK.You may think now that the hand is only called so because of the initials. 10 Most Favourite Starting Hands in Texas Holdem Poker It is the strongest unpaired holding and even against KK and holds 34% equity in Texas Holdem. Also known as “big slick,” or “Anna Kournikova”, it is a favourite as the fourth best-starting hand for Texas Hold ’em players and wins against all pocket pairs half of the time except for the pocket aces and pocket kings. 5. Jack-Jack Texas Holdem Anna Kournikova - spressmarrakech.com

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Top 10 Starting Poker Hands in Texas Hold 'em ... Your starting poker hands in Texas Hold ’em refers to your two hole cards. They are dealt at the start of each poker hands and knowing which hands to play is one of the most important strategic decisions that you need to make. Here we’ve put together a list of the top 10 starting hands. Anna Kournikova Spiel Poker - stylinliving.com Anna Kournikova a tennis player and also a poker hand. .. In Texas Hold em Poker, Anna Kournikova refers to the starting hand AK. You may think now that the hand is only called so because of the initials. But there are more similarities as just the initials.Anna Kournikova. In poker what hand is often called 'Anna Kournikova'? Anna Kournikova. The pocket cards A-K, either suited or offsuit. Poker nickname originates partly from the former tennis pro's initials, A.K. In addition to playing on Kournikova's initials, the hand nickname also has roots in an analogy between the pro and the hand: They are both said to "look better than they play." What are the hands in Texas hold 'em? - Quora

Анна Курникова (англ. Anna Kournikova) - шутливое название стартовой руки, совпадающей с инициалами знаменитой теннисистки, A K. Кроме того, у руки и теннисистки есть общая фраза, как нельзя лучше описывающая обеих...

Texas Hold'em Trivia and Quizzes - funtrivia.com This quiz will ask you to match nicknames for Texas Hold'em starting hands with other nicknames for the same hand. For example Ace King can be Big Slick or Anna Kournikova. Good luck.

The Anna Kournikova Picture Pages Anna Kournikova is widely recognized not only for her performance on the tennis court but also for her stunning looks."I'm like a menu at an expensive restaurant. You can look at me, but you can't afford me." Anna Kournikova. Anna Kournikova Texas Holdem. Freerolls. Strip Poker.Anna Kournikova. 12/08/2008 - 13:23 submitted by. Anna Kournikova - Exclusive Interviews, Pictures & More